Add + to inbound calls (both a and b party)

Hi everybody,

I am struggling a bit,.so I hope someone here can point me the right direction.

We use freepbx to route inbound calls to our customers.

Now we have a new customer that needs both A party and the B party number prefixed with “+” (instead of the usual E164 without leading digit)

How can I add + to both the A and B party (caller id and the DID) for at specific trunk?

presumably the A leg is inbound, you fix that in the inbound trunk context, the B leg presumably outbound, you fix that in either the outbound route or the trunk used

it is inbound calls -

A-party calls B-party

External call (A-party) calls a DID (B-party) and then call is routed to the customers TRUNK

i need to add a “+” to the A-party caller ID and a “+” to the DID (B-party)

I need to do it on trunk level, so only inbound calls, to that specific trunk, will be prefixed with the “+” - and I can not seem to be finding my way around it.

So I kindly hope someone can give me a “step by step” guide

1954000000 calls: 1561990000

Then, when the call is routed to a specific trunk, it will be sent as:

+1954000000 calls +1561990000

so a “+” is added to both caller ID and the DID it is calling

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