Add sip user dynamically by a tierce application


I need to develop a mobile application which use sip call fonctionality of asteriskNOW server.

But when a user sign up on our web backend server, this one should create automaticly create a new sip user on the asterisk server. The user should have just one inscription form.

How can I procced ? Any tuto ?

At Christmas inscriptions are very popular. We are pleased that you want to inscribe your users with a form. I think it would be quite painful to use the standard dremel. Have you considered branding?

Many mobile applications exist sip call functionality such as 3CX. If you need your own a SIP SDK for the platform would be where to start.

To proceed you need to find programmers that speak your native tounge or hire a PM that can translate. You will need a team of programmers and QA folks to build your service provider.

As far as the tuto, my legs don’t look as good as they used to.

My response makes about as much sense as your message.

But I’m new to asterisk and freePBX. I can use sipdroid or linephone as client.
I found this link :
I will spend time on testing.

That is very old info, only pertains to Asterisk and FreePBX does not support real time. You need to look at the PHP code in our core as the API is not documented. There is a thread floating around about how to add a an extension to DB from outside FreePBX and a code example.

My message was meant to be humerous as I could not understand most of yours!