Add sip trunk without register

I use Asterisk .
I use it as sip proxy server.

I want to use one of register number in the asterisk and make call through the sip trunk and that sip trunk is no need to register or request register/auth message.
Just an IP address XX.XX.XX.XX and it can accept any invite message if you forward to him.

So, how can I configure the number, sip trunk ,and outgoing route in this case …
what is the context in this case .
In simply , that mean I make a call from a number in asterisk and route this outgoing call to an external IP address.(make outgoing call)

Please advice detailed.


“please advice detailed” is not a phrase in English.

You simply setup the trunk without a registration string. Nothing else changes. If you are not using authentication make sure to set ‘insecure=port,invite’

Context is still from trunk (or the e.164), again nothing changes.

We can’t give specific instructions only general guidelines.

All of the peer level variables from Asterisk can be used in a FreePBX trunk (the items under the heading SIP Configurations - peers and clients).