Add SIP extension page blank

I have a clean install with Asterisk Ver. and Freepbx (PIAF) when I try to add a new SIP extension the page goes blank.

I can add IAX2, Virtual extensions etc. They work just fine, but when i click submit to create a SIP extension the page goes blank.

I not trying to do anything fancy just create an extension for sip device.

I don’t have end point manager installed.

Do you have googlevoice module installed?

Mikael no googlevoice module installed. No incrediablepbx stuff Ward offers, just PIAF iso.

OK, do you use IE8 or IE9? Switch to Chrome or Firefox and test.

Go to Module Admin and uninstall the Endpoint Manager. That should fix the problem. You may reinstall the EPM if you choose and the problem will not recur.

I dont have End Point manager installed as stated in original post. This is a base install no extended modules.

The last time that I installed the base PIAF (on 8/24/2011), it included the Endpoint Manager in the base install. I’ve just double-checked that machine, and EPM was installed as part of the base PIAF installation (i.e., a standard installation without installing The Ultimate PBX). The EPM appears in its own section in Module Admin right after “CID & Number Management.”

Could you double check your system and verify that EPM isn’t installed?

If that’s not it, I have no further suggestions. The last time I used PIAF with Asterisk 1.4, I had the exact same problem as you did and resolved it by removing and reinstalling EPM.

ok will look again

I see that you posted the same question in the PIAF forums, got the same answer, and then removed EPM. You’re welcome.

I confirm that removing EPM resolves this issue.

I’ve done a install of FreePBX from the latest iso…

Release Date-07-31-13
FreePBX 2.11, Centos 6.4
Asterisk 1.8, 10 or 11 (installed 11 - tried both advanced and std)

I’ve removed EPM, used chrome, firefox etc.
Extension Settings is Mikael Carlsson Enabled and up to date.
I just get the heading on the top under the buttons 'FreePBX Extension Settings’
and the footer.

Any ideas on what the issue might be or where to look?

Do you have any extensions created on the system?

I have a system that I just installed with no extensions created and the Extension Settings page looks like what you are describing.

Thanks for the help. No I don’t have any extensions. I’m trying to add them. In the old version it was under setup/extensions. In this version I presumed it was under there and ‘add’ was missing as I’d seen extensions there when I restored the backup (which stuffed things!) Now I realise that its under applications/extensions.