Add separate extension for User Control Panel for Fax

I have a scenario where I have a user, we will say he is extension 6905. He logs into his UCP dashboard. I need to be able to see the generic fax extension (extension 9000) along side his, without having to log in to just that fax user, and having to swap between the two. I know you can go into the User Management and add an extension under Allowed Extension Settings, but that does not add the fax. I have just the 6905. Is there a way to do this?

(I am on fax pro)

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

The fax destination for that inbound route would have to be for that specific UCP user - I’m not aware of a way to view multiple user’s faxes in UCP.

That was what I thought. I was hoping that since I can view everything else for other extensions, if you had the correct permissions, you’d be able to with the fax.

Thanks for replying back.

You could always add a feature request -

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