Add QR or attached file on new ext/user - 22870

Leaving this feature request for anyone who thinks this might be useflu to comment on

You’re requesting the ability to specify a single static file that gets attached to all new user notification emails?

Depends on the phone but GSwave from Grandstream offers

This would be a great addition, we use GS Wave extensively over many many sites, I’ve used it for ages personally, we create QR codes for them to, dead simple, employee leaves we change the password, manually recreate QR with new password, and its done.

It would be better however to have a dedicated QR code automatically created under the extension, most modern linux distros include the binaries to do it.
Now yes, I know each device method is different, so perhaps a config option allowing us to set the base code, and upon ext creating freepbx gets the info from its database creates the image based on the control code and option ( the config bit), perhaps rather than emailing though it could be an option in UCP ?

Why would it be a single static file?

I think it was an opening negotiating position giving the cheapest implementation consistent with the stated requirement, but with a possible expectation that the requirement would get refined, instead.

Once you make the file configurable, you end up with an almost open requirement, and a likely need for a new API.

When you create the ‘new user’ email, it would be simple to generate and use qrencode to generate the QR which is just an XML wrapper around some variables you know

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