Add Nepali language in sound language

I want my IVR to saydigits in Nepali language. For this I should add nepali language in sound language as custom language. But what file should be uploaded in custom language, so that i can change my language from english to nepali? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, you can download the English sound file here

And then, records your own sound language save it to the same file name, mp3 file format is acceptable.

In your case, you want to have the digits in Nepali:

After that, zip the whole folder “digits” and upload to Sound Language -> Custom Language -> Add New Custom Language
Language Code: ne
Description: Nepali

(Unless you want to override the default English, you can add custom Language code = en)

To let caller select their prefer language, go to Applications -> Languages
Add these two items:

  1. Description: Greeting English
    Language Code: English
    Destination: [your prefer destination]

  2. Description: Greeting Nepali
    Language Code: Nepali
    Destination: [your prefer destination]

Finally, modify your IVR Entries:
Digits: 1
Destination: Languages - Greeting English
Digits: 2
Destination: Languages - Greeting Nepali

Hope this help!

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You can find some guidelines and tips here:

Thanks @jeff.wong
I recorded the nepali digits and placed it in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ne/digits and it worked. Thank you so much for your help. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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