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How to add P-Asserted-Identity for outgoing in freepbx

pjsip: set Send RPID/PAI for the trunk as desired.
chan_sip: add sendrpid=pai to the trunk settings.

this is not working .please give me other solution.

This needs to stop. You need to show us your actual work for this. You’re saying it didn’t work but we have no clue if you even did it the right way. We see nothing to show how this isn’t working or what you did to try to make it work.

Stop with the one lines replies of “It didn’t work. Give me another solution” without showing anything at all.

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All of your one-liner questions could have been typed into google. Please start there.


We’ve talked to you about this. Your answer translates to “Nope, guess again” and is a rude and unhelpful response. You need to tell us what is happening when you try what we suggest. If this doesn’t stop, I’m going to start reporting your posts.

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