Add extensions and DID Numbers with a third party application


I am currently working on a VOIP mobile app with a SIP client connected to FreePBX that needs to create new extension and DID on the fly. So I need to write an API on the server side that will be able to add the extensions and the DIDs…

Anyone could advice me the proper way to do it?
Any piece of code you can share?

Thanks much in advance,

FreePBX is not designed as a carrier softswitch.

You should use plain Asterisk in real time mode so you can just load the extensions into a DB, no reload’s needed.

FreeSwitch is also very carrier friendly with an XML front end.

Thanks, we will evaluate the FreeSwitch option in parallele…

If we stick to FreePBX (as we already have an implementation running),
can we update the DB of the Asterisk layer packaged in FreePBX without crashing it?
what would be the consequences?