Add DECT wireless phone? Which one?

I have a small setup with two Sangoma phones. This customer has a small store and wants to add a wireless phone. They really do not have a budget for an access point. What phone would you recommend that uses a base and works well? They are using SIP. I was looking at the Yealink W52P

I’ve had good luck with the MSRP $89.99 Grandstream 715, and if you need extra handsets, up to 4 additional MSRP $49.99 Grandstream 710 handsets. There is a new version 750/720 coming out, but I haven’t played with it yet.

I have had success with YeaLink and Panasonic, but the YeaLink has a MUCH easier interface to set up, if they ever need to do their own troubleshooting, but the Panasonic looked and fealt nicer, plus the YeaLink i got on Amazon was stuck in “europe” and had no option for America, but the option “DHCP Time” got the correct time and worked fine for my needs.

Check her for configuration Guides!

Hello what i did sense I’m also on a tight budget is that i bought a Linksys phone adapter From ebay and a cheap wireless phone and works great. But if in a bigger building then yes Other types of wireless phones would be needed.

If you can find buy gigaset handset or else go for the W52P.

I bought the Panasonic DECT phones. Comments on the Grandstream were somewhat negative.

The two phones are working fine. But I bought one of their DECT extenders and haven’t been able to get it to pair.

I also use a couple of Gigaset A 580’s - work well