Add contacts to softphone app

Where does freePBX stores its user extensions?

I am looking for a way to import all contacts to the softphone once a user signs in so he doesn’t have to manually add each contact.

I’m using the following script to get all extensions and create an XML file that my Yealink phones van import.

include '/etc/freepbx.conf';

$mysqli=new mysqli($amp_conf['AMPDBHOST'], $amp_conf['AMPDBUSER'], $amp_conf['AMPDBPASS'], $amp_conf['AMPDBNAME']);

//internal numbers
	SELECT extension, name
	FROM users
	ORDER BY name

while($get_contact=$get_contacts->fetch_assoc()) {


Maybe you can add to this?

Thank you for your answer.

I could export the contacts as .csv from Bulk Handler but I wonder if there’s a solution to automatically update the contact list on the softphone once an user is removed or added.

That is the reason for using this script. You can create an XML, have the phones poll it (I believe mine do this every hour) and they’re updated whenever a change is made.

What softphone are you using? Sangoma Talk automatically pulls contact information from Admin → Contact Manager.

I was experimenting with Zoiper and MicroSip.

When the whole implementation will be complete we might try Sangoma Talk or Zulu.

But before that I am now having issues adding a second NIC which is annoying.

You’ll need to check with those vendors how to get contacts into their software. Sangoma Talk works great for us.

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