Add Call Confirm to Internal Extensions

Is it possible to add the call confirm feature to internal SIP extensions?

I saw a post here: How would I enable call confirm on internal SIP extensions

But the FreePBX 13.0.109 system will not allow me to add an extension that has a # after it so I cannot test it.

I am using the Queue function which connects to the Extension of the call queue agent. I have multiple businesses coming into multiple queues which may go to the same agent with an IP Phone so they need to know who is calling and be able to decline the call if necessary.

Is there a way to add call confirmation to internal SIP extensions that I am missing?

Would a Caller-ID Prefix help (or work)?

Has anyone found a resolution to this issue? We are using PJSIP extensions with asterisk 13.9.1 with Freepbx 10.13.66-5 and are unable to use the call confirmation on internal calls as well.

jhayes I figured it out! Create a ring group and add the desk phone extension to the ring group. Add the # sign to the end of the desk phone extension you are adding to the ring group.

Then go manually type in the ring group to the call queue and voila you have call confirm on the internal desk phone.

I wonder if you could accomplish this by creating a loopback with a Custom Trunk that dials

local/[email protected]

Then create an outbound route that has a dial pattern that strips a prefix (for example 777) then sends digits to the custom trunk. Then you can add dial strings to queues/ring groups with the format:


This might trick the system into thinking it’s an outbound call, and trigger the confirm call macro.