Add an external number as an extension

hi all,

is there a way to add an external number as an extension and then i can put that extension in a hunt group, so when people call my freepbx server it then calls that external number/extension


You can add external numbers directly to ring groups and queues without the need to tie it to an extension. When doing this, you want to ensure that ‘confirm calls’ is enabled on the ring group.

@lgaetz so in extension list, where it lists my extenions, can i do this


is this ok or do i need to include a hash in there

edit - worked it out, put the hash after the external number

@lgaetz ok it works, it calls the external number but it only calls it for about 10 seconds then the call hangs up by itself

no idea why as i have set the “ring time” to 100 sec and on my sip trunk provider i have disabled voicemail

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