Add agent(s) to multiple Queues

Hi! We use FreePBX in a callcenter environment with many individual customers (queues) - 107 at the moment. You can imagine that adding new Agents to queues is a time consuming task. Is there a way to manipulate Queues directly in the DB?
Edit: I found the table queues_details with members. Apparently, the “flags” sets the order. I will make a small application that checks the flag with the highest value, and inserts a row with the next free value.

In case it may help, you may want to use Uniloader in queue-add / queue-kick modes to do batch add to queue / remove from queues - see :: Loway Documentation Center - where you can use regexps as filters.

So e.g. you can log off all agents that are logged in as PJSIP/2XX from any queue they work on, but leave any other agent alone.

It requires no license, and basically works anywhere as it uses AMI.


we ended up rigging up Google Sheets (one per queue) to give a member list, extension, and a pushbutton to call the FreePBX APIs to set queue membership.
That way, team leads can manage their own group memberships.

Thanks for this.

Thank you for the suggestion. I shall look into this.

Thank you for the idea - I´ll probably make a quick and dirty app for this.

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