Add a sound for the queue

hello how can we add a sound for the queue in freepbx

Do you mean a message that plays every 30 seconds or so,
If that’s what you need,

add a recording to your FreePBX system (make sure that you only have 1 file in the system recording you would like to use)

Then Crate an IVR selecting the system recording you made,

Finally goto where you enable and disable announcements (in your queue) and find break-out menu, select the IVR you just made and set a time interval (like 30 seconds).

If you looking to add the sound when somebody joins the queue this is a lot easier but will only play one time,

add a recording to your FreePBX system (you can have as many files as you need)

Finally goto your queue and select join announcement then select the system recording you need

I want to export a sound from my PC to add to my queue

are you using the web admin portal?


So you will need to goto the “Admin” main menu. then Select “System Recordings.” once there click add recording