Add a "beep" to intercom calls

We are using an intercom script to page other Linksys SPA942s. With this script, the phones would hear a certain sound when they are being paged. With the FreePBX intercom, the phones do not get that sound, it goes straight to the intercom session. I am testing this with freepbx 2.4 rc1

Please advise

not sure I understand - in 2.4 we added the beep in which was not there before.

Sorry. let me clarify

Lets say I’m extension 301 and I want to intercom to 305. So I would press *305. Usually I would hear that little “beep” from Linksys, AND 305 would hear that tone. Now, only 305 hears the tone.

Is there a way to have BOTH users hear that little tone?


I need to be able to play a different sound than the beep. I have tried a couple things - using ‘playback’ in the intercom definition that FreePBX 2.4 creates. I can get the playback to work for the calling party - but so far I cant figure out how to get it to play the sound either instead-of or in addition to the beep at the destination telephone.


it is currently hard-coded in the code. You can put in a feature request for a future version.

I have no problem making custom changes to script, conf files, etc, to get this effect. I understand the potential problems when these files are rewritten by the interface, etc, and am willing to work around it. I just can’t quite seem to find where to make the changes. Or am I wrong, and this is compiled somewhere and not available in the DB, or scripts or config files? (Thanks greatly for your answers already, and for the truly amazing work you and the team do for everyone!)

I feel terribly stupid - but I cant figure out where or how to make a feature request.

it’s in the file of the paging module, where the dialplan is generated. Try searching for “beep” in your editor, I suspect you will find it quickly.

Your amazing. Less than 2 minutes for a reply? Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

I did indeed find it quickly, and its already deployed and working. Simply replace the two occurances of BEEP with the sound file you want, and then go and resave the Intercom groups. THANK YOU!

I’ve tried and haven’t gotten what I want to work: both users to hear a tone when the intercom is connected. My phones ring-answer before the first ring, and users are surprised that they are not connected yet.

In the meantime I’ll submit a feature request as well.