Add *31* & Slow Reloads

Hi all,
I think my situation is very simple, though i cant find a solution. I have 2 trunks with 2 outgoing routes. I just want only my second route to always automatically add *31* before placing the call.
I put it in prefix but doesn’t work. How to do it please ?

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Check the tool tips. The prefix field removes digits before sending the string to the trunk. You want the prepend field which adds chars to the dial string.

Nice to find you all here. I have just configure my freepbx and i m quite happy with it.
Thanks so much for prompt response. Works great thank you.

I have another question that’s not so related to this. if has been answered somewhere else just send me the link. Web interface is very slow (reloading takes so much though after i login all is fine )and has nothing to do with the browser, cpu load or storage capacity. Is there something i have to configure ?

If you have old hardware and if you dont need the modules, disable Endpointmanager, UserControlPanel (UCP) and ISymphony.

Is a raspi 3a old for this config ?

I would never use a Raspi for a freePBX phone system. I prefer Intel NUCs.

Try to disable the modules I mentioned above. Go to admin > module admin

Depends on the dimensions of your system. It’s good for a ‘small’ system, but of course limited by both memory and cpu.

sorry but i dont have those modules installed at all. I am on v15.0.22.The only module i manually disabled is Dahdi config as i dont use it. Is there any other module i have to disable to make it “lighter” ?

Pretty well no, with 512 memory you will have to wait while your swap file pages out, trouble is that your wear-leveling will sooner or later corrupt your sd card. Same with log files you can’t afford them, It’s just a thing with raspberries.

I’m surprised that the Raspberry has a swap file by default.

However with limited memory, Linux will also swap off executable files, but those are read-only, so should not impact the SD card lifetime.

i take full sd backups. it’s not important for me. My pi has 1gb ram. pings are 0 ms. It is not a network issue.

Did you install a standard freePBX distro on this toy computer?

The standard distro, as I understand it, only runs on Intel architecture machines. The Raspberry Pi is ARM based.

So you might have to ask somebody in the RasPBX forum?

Many Raspberriers use swapfiles to prevent OOM problems.

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