Adaptive Caller ID

Hi to all,

I faced an issue with FreePBX and would like to know how experts think about it.

Most of the customers ask to adapt the caller ids, so they can re-dial the number without editing it. I know that Set Caller ID module can do this, but the issue comes in when you are using Inbound DID for extensions!!!

If you set Inbound DID for extensions, FreePBX adds new inbound route for each.So, in this case, you have to change for example 300 inbound routes and set their destination to Set Caller ID module !!! Wow am I right?

If it is right, what is your solution??
I am thinking about new module “Adaptive Caller ID” to develop and just define patterns then enable it for trunks (because you can’t define specific inbound route for each trunk in the FreePBX !! Why?). What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @psdk,

Send the calls from your trunk to a specific context which will manipulate the caller id to your needs, and then send back the call to the from-pstn context.

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Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Hi @danielf,

Thanks for reply. Yes I am using a custom context now. But it’s not really user friendly, while your customer purchases PBXact, situation would be worse.

So, if this is the only solution to use your own context, I have to develop this module and might share it with Sangoma team!


Have you looked at the [from-did-direct] built in context?

thanks @dicko

Yes I used ext-local-customs to remove the prefix from Caller ID and then goto to the beginning of this context to solve DID problem for each extension.

But honestly I think FreePBX team should put it in their task list.

Also I am developing a module for adapting Caller ID based on trunks, independent to inbound routes.

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Probably not a huge demand for such a module, but it looks like you have it on your task list. So, get it done then submit it.

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