Ad-Hoc Call Recording

I have an immediate need for Ad-Hoc call recording. Currently all you get a is a beep when you start recording but NO visual light on the key pressed. Whats more is it possible to send to a mailbox vs having to check in UCP. They want one mailbox for all Ad-hoc call recordings.

They do not want continuous call recording.

The system we replaced gave them a fluttering Red key when pressed and two soft keys appeared. Pause and End. If Pause was pressed it changed the soft key to Resume and the fluttering red key when solid red. End if pressed ended the recording.

Can anything close to this be done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not right now, but you can submit it as a Feature Request for Call Recording.

Remember, the system is open-source, so don’t feel like the only place that can look at this is here. If you come up with a solution, you can submit it to Sangoma for inclusion in the system.

On the buttons - different phones react differently to different Hint statuses, but the exact presentation of your idea may vary from phone to phone.

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