Active/Standby Advanced recovery

I have bought the Advanced Recovery . I have configured the two server and when I simulate the shut-down of the primary server , the second become Active. But when the primary goes UP it remains "stand-by . Is it right?
And more ; when secondary server is ACTIVE , if I try shutdown it , the primary dos not go ACTIVE.
Any idea? :sob:

That’s how it’s meant to work. You are supposed to manually recover to the primary server after hours as the process of recovery is quite involved, especially if you are syncing data back from the secondary after it’s been in use for however long while the primary unit was being replaced.

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Ok perfect. But …How can recover the primary server manually? From CLI o WEB .
Because in this moment both server are UP but the secondary is still remain ACTIVE

If your secondary PBX is in fail over mode there will be a button on the secondary PBX under Advanced Recovery module that will allow you to sync back to the primary and then give you an option to either simply bring all services back online or also sync data back that was generated while the secondary unit was handling calls.

k and thank you very much. I am newer about Advanced Recovery and so…
Sorry for my stupid question!!
Enjoy your week-end

Not stupid at all. It took me a bit to figure out the exact use case for the module as well and glad I could help.

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