Active Directory - Invalid Login Credentials


We have an Active Directory connection setup (shows “Connected”). It is pulling in Users based on a User object filter I setup. I can add users to User Management by adding users to the correct AD group.

However, when I try to sign in using the AD username & password, I get “Invalid Login Credentials”. The User name attribute is set to sAMAccountName.

Is there an error log with more details? What other info do you need from me?



We are having this same issues today digging around for more information now.

@bradm413 Dubble check your permissions for the users/groups. All of my settings had reset to defaults.

If you are running FreePBX 13 you might have missed this IMPORTANT message

!!!WARNING!!! MSAD2 Directory Groups SID might have changed. Please check your permissions! !!!WARNING!!!

Does not apply to 14.

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Wasn’t there also a problem with AD groups that didn’t have a description?

That is why there is the warning. A bug in the code was using a groups description as it’s SID.

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