Active Directory Integration, "This device id is already in use" error

I am running FreePBX Distro and trying to sync it with my AD. Everythinh is ok, iam connecting to AD, but after all i have a problem - only one user from near 525 syncs with FreePBX.
When i use “fwconsole userman --syncall --force -vvv” i got a error:
2023-02-28_11:19:33 - Retrieving all users…
2023-02-28_11:19:35 - Got 525 users
2023-02-28_11:19:35 - Updating vva
2023-02-28_11:19:35 - Creating pjsip Extension +4024
This device id is already in use

i havent pjsip extension +4024, my extensions list is empty.

only one user is created, and that’s it. No more user creation

i tryed grep -rnw ‘/etc/asterisk/’ -e “+4024”
/etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint.conf:21:callerid=xxx <+4024>

after that i clean manualy all records in this files, delete AD directory from FreePBX

I encountered a similar error. I have a lot of users that are created, but at some point in the process, I received the error and syncing stops. However, syncing stopped immediately after a user that had an invalid value in the attribute that we had specified for using for the extension. After I removed that value from that specific user, sync was able to complete successfully. In your case, I would look for a user in AD who has a value of “+4024” for whatever attribute you have set up as the “User extension Link attribute” for your connection to AD.

i found some records in mysql for freepbx, i think it was some bug an old record stays in sql and did’t showa in web interface.
After i reinstall freepbx from distro - no probems with AD sync

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