Activation lost during 15-to-16 upgrade — reactivation timed out

Trying to do a handful of 15-to-16 upgrades tonight after hours. Looks like all the upgrades were successful, except a “This machine is not activated.” message after a reboot. Sure enough, logs say the activation / deployment ID was released as part of versionupgrade’s process, but wasn’t able to be restored.

Wed Aug  9 03:24:02 UTC 2023 Deactivating the system with deploymentID [omitted]
Removing all license files for deployment [omitted]...Success!
Wed Aug  9 03:32:48 UTC 2023 Activating the system with deploymentID [omitted]
Asking for deployment [omitted]...Error!
Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

Thankfully I was able to grab every box’s deployment ID from versionupgrade’s verbose output, so I don’t think there’s any serious harm done. :crossed_fingers: That’s what the backups are for anyway, eh?

Are the activation servers having a hiccup, or is there something I should know about here?

Thanks, all!

Licensing services were down yesterday but were restored overnight last night. Activation should be working now for you.

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Very much appreciate the quick response.

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Whoops, I’ve spoken too soon.

Looks like the deployment IDs weren’t released properly; my reactivation attempts are returning

[root@[omitted]~]# fwconsole sa activate [omitted]
Attempting to activate against deployment '[omitted]'
Running /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/bin/activate_existing [omitted]
Asking for deployment [omitted]...Error!
This deployment is already licensed to a different host. It needs to be unlinked through the portal.

versionupgrader reported that the deployments were released successfully, if I understand the process correctly. I suppose that may be a bug or oversight in versionupgrader.

Would you recommend I contact support, or is there anything I can do myself?

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