Activation issues

I seem to be stuck on trying to activate. When I open up the the admin page I am presented with an Activation screen that will not do anything. It shows my deployment ID and the status shows “Attempting to activate, please wait…”

Originally I activated it through the command line using fwconsole sysadmin activate deployment id

This seemed to work just fine and when I checked the status via fwconsole sysadmin info it shows everything is good.

I purchased the sysadmin pro module and I confirmed that it is associated to this deployment id as well. I am not sure how to get past the activation screen as there is only an restart and activate button.

I have rebooted a number of times and a yum update shows that there is nothing available for updates.

This is a brand new install.

I had some issues after creating a VM from a snapshot where the ports were changed to allow Lets Encrypt to use port 80. Ended up having to change the ports from the command prompt to get it to activate on port 80.

The ports all open. I have not done anything except to login and try and activate.

I’m talking about this

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