Activation after moving hard drive to different computer, how to proceed

PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-25
PBX Service Pack:

Upgraded to Freepbx13 and using Asterisk 11

After a motherboard crash I swapped the hard drive into another computer. I have the system up and running and now want to activate the system and deploy commercial modules that I have purchased.

Of course when I click the activate button it thinks I am a new user. Is there anything you can tell me to do to make this activation a success?

I have the receipt from the commercial modules I have purchase less than one year ago. Will they work with this new activation?

Thank you,
Gene in Virginia

I forgot to mention that when I do try to create a “new account” at the activation login screen, using the same email that I used originally, I get the error message that there is an account already using that email address and I cannot continue unless I create a totally new account.

Thank you,