Activated Deployment ID to wrong system

In helping a couple customers to move to a new cloud provider I reset the hardware locks for both installs and then proceeded to activate the wrong customer to the wrong installation ID. Their used to be a way to open a sales ticket but, at least at the moment, it seems to be down along with the ticket system.

Its easy enough to deactivate it but where can I request to get the hardware lock reset again? They give you just one reset and old documentation says to contact sales.

The ticket system is not down.

You can move a dep ID using this method:

If you’ve exhausted your user resets, you can open a ticket of type “Customer Service & Billing” requesting one:

At the time of my original post, the had been timing out then and up to an hour before.

I reset the hardware lock two both customer virtual machines and then accidentally activated one of them to the wrong machine, so I guess I will need to open a ticket…

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