Activate IVR by calling

Hi everyone!

I am very new here and I immediately come up with a rather complicated question.

I will try to explain as well as possible what I want to achieve.

For my company, two people are on standby every night to be able to perform work. This couple is put together the night before and is different every day. When a call is made to our line during the night, one of the first two x seconds must be called. If number one does not answer for some reason, the second person must be called.

There is a group of 4 people who complete these standby services. So there are twelve different options with regard to the classification of the service.

I prefer to make these twelve options presets in FreePBX which I (or 1 of the 4 colleagues) can easily set by phone by making a call, making a choice and entering a code that corresponds to activating one of the twelve presets. This preset is then active from 11 pm to 7 am.

Is this possible? If so; how can i do this? Did I not mention something clearly enough; let me know!

Thank you very much in advance!

Regards Gerwin

Queues with *45, or Phone Apps, should pretty much do everything you want.

Thanks for your comment. I have been working with FreePBX for a few weeks and therefore do not know how everything works. Could you, or perhaps someone else, help me further? I would really appreciate this!

Thanks in advance!

Greetings Gerwin

The conventional way to do this is to create a Queue. You can manage which agents receive calls from the queue by having them login/logout or pause themselves when it is their turn to take after hours calls. is the documentation for using Queues in FreePBX. Between that and the hover buttons in the GUI, most of the options are well explained there.

It’s a lot of documentation to re-type - hope you don’t mind the reference.

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