Activate FMFM from different Phone or Extension

Hi there, need help in modifying this dial plan Prefix *22 that you can dial in front of a valid system extension to toggle the Follow Me
So it can be added to my configuration file config file -
Thank you!

You will need a dialstring on the polycoms that includes the digits that need to be dialed. (*22.) apparently, right now , no feature codes starting with * would work.

Thanks for that info. Is there any other way that I can activate FMFM from a different phone then?

not easily, but you could write a context that manipulates the asterisks sqlite3 database where that data is rooted

You could make a string of dynamic routes that collects the extension and new phone caller ID.

Then use the graphQL FMFM API to take the variables to do what you need to do.

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