Activate favorite contacts on the P370 phone?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to activate the favorite contacts on the P370 phone, but I can’t.

What I’ve done:

Enabled Favorite Contacts from Settings > Advanced Settings menu:


Created a Favorite List in Admin > Contact Manager and included my contacts in the list:

Added my Favorite Contact List in Admin > User Management > Contact Manager tab:

I can check that my Favorite Contact List is correctly populated from UCP:

But my “Favorite” screen stay empty:

Where am I wrong?

FreePBX: 16.0.28
Asterisk: 18.15.1
EndPoint Manager:
DPMA Version: 3.6.6
P370 Firmware: 4.9.2


This is prob a feature that you will need firmware version 4_10_x to support. Watch for the release in the coming days.

OK. Thank you for the answer.

So, this table in the wiki is wrong:

My previous post is not correct. You don’t need newer firmware for this feature. At the moment, the way the Favorites button work son the P370 is it displays the BLF/Speeddial keys you define in EPM for the template.

Thanks! It works.
It’s definitely not intuitive.

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