Activate / Deactivate forwarding on Grandstream phone


I am really new to the freepbx topic. I would like to have the following scenario:

When I come to my office, i click one button on my GRP2612W and switch this phone to something like “activate” so that all calls come to this phone. When i leave the office i set the status to “away” and all calls will be forwarded to my mobil phone.

Is this possible? May you can give me some tipps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

You can setup Follow Me to ring your cellphone as well, and then program a BLF key on your phone with *21EXT (replace EXT with your extension) or a Speeddial of just *21. This will toggle your Follow Me.

Additionally, I like to setup Follow Me with call confirmation enabled, so that you know upon answering that it is a call through the office, and Voicemails don’t end up in your cellphone’s voicemail.

Thanks, and is there also a possibility that i can see on the phone if follow me is activated or deactivaed?

Yes, as explained, you can setup a BLF [1] key to monitor the status of Follow Me.


Edit: if you want to mass update all phones with such a BLF, you can use the value of *21__line1Ext__
This will automatticlly add the extension number associated with the device.

In addition to the “single phone” approach, you can also use a Time Condition to automatically set your “here” and “away”. The nice thing there is that you can override the time condition from a button on your phone. Instead of a single phone approach, this could be set up to work for all of the phones in the system.

I use a simple ‘automatic’ system – Follow me is set so when the desk phone is unanswered for about ten seconds, it starts to also ring my mobile.

There are some downsides: If you are out of the office but others are there, they may be disturbed by your ringing phone. If you answer on your desk phone but after more than ten seconds, the caller may hear your mobile ringing for a second or two. Also, if the forward is over the mobile voice path, you will see a false missed call (does not happen with a SIP app).

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