Activate announcement by buttons in phone

I need to activate and desactivate announcements by the buttons of the phone, How can I do this? feature codes or how? any ideas? regards.

You have to make something that can be toggled. Typically, call flow controls or time conditions are used for this. Both have automatic feature codes created.

I have 2 time conditions, in feature code *271 and *272, I have tried to disable or enable it by pushing this codes in a phone but it doesn’t works, I am doing it correctly? regards

Provide a call trace via Pastebin:

Obviously not

I assume that your time conditions are normally used and you are trying to add a new special announcement without affecting them.

  1. Look at your inbound route and find where it currently points to. Make a note of it.
  2. Create a Call Flow control (CFC).
  3. Set the “normal” state of the CFC to where ever your inbound route goes now.
  4. Set the “override” state of the CFC to go to your announcement.
  5. Set the announcement to go to where ever your inbound route goes now, or what ever other destination you want after it plays.
  6. Update your inbound route to point to the CFC instead of the current thing it points to.

Thanks a lot, it works perfectly, I was doing it wrong, Best regards!!

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