Acrobits Groundwire to FreePBX witout the use of Responsive Firewall

Good afternoon,

Trying to figure out if it is possible to access my PBX via Acrobits Groundwire and a cell phone (Vodafone) but without the use of the Responsive firewall.

With it it works fine.

Trying to see wether i can disable the onboard firewall and use a different approach with the iptables or with an external firewall.

Thank you

For the push notification servers (SIPIS), see

For the phone’s IP, look up an address that it is using. The carrier probably has a small range that you can whitelist, e.g. a /24 but likely no larger than a /20. Use a nonstandard SIP port, and/or use SIP over TLS (or at least TCP) instead of UDP.

Firewall details are in the wiki here

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Understood, but what about if i have to put it at 5 or 10 phones? Does that mean i have to whitelist them all? Won’t the range change?

What if those phones go abroad?

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