aco_process_config unable to load 'acl.conf'

Hello, I see this error when I reload my Asterisk system. I’ve read the community thread on this from last year (aco_process_config error in fresh install). I found the following Jira report the said this would be fixed with release 11.16. (

However I currently am running version 11.17.1 and still see this error.

I know there are many events logged in FreePBX and the application still functions. I’m concerned about the ones that report as “Error”

Any thoughts as to why the bug report says fixed/closed but it’s not?

Many thanks


That bug is unrelated to your issue. Please post what you are seeing.

Hello, Thanks for the reply.

The error msg is…

[2015-06-29 12:51:06] ERROR[22598]: config_options.c:531 aco_process_config: Unable to load config file ‘acl.conf’

Any way to clear this error? I’m not using any ACL’s that I know about, but am new to this app and process.


Hello, Any thoughts about this?


You can and should just ignore this. It’s a meaningless error. acls are not used in FreePBX