aco_process_config error in fresh install

We have a fresh installation of FreePBX and I’ve only configured one extension so far, but I’ve gone exploring through the different admin panels. After browsing the interface, I have begun to get a lot of errors and warnings in the Asterisk CLI.

Here is one that I can’t solve:

[2014-10-07 17:17:39] ERROR[3441]: config_options.c:492 aco_process_config: Attempting to process uninitialized aco_info
[2014-10-07 17:17:39] WARNING[3441]: named_acl.c:414 ast_named_acl_reload: Could not reload ACL config

There are a lot of others that complain about missing config files, and those go away if I create the empty file or place an entry for noload in modules.conf.

Another one I fixed by uninstalling the blacklist module.

But how do I fix this error above?

Did you run “make samples”?

Most of the things you seem to think are errors are actually warnings and can be safety ignored. I say this because I assume you are getting a majority of these messages when you click “apply changes” from the guy

For example. The one above. You’d only see that during reload and it’s because we don’t support or use acl but like I said. The error does not mean anything just that acl is not configured.

If these types of messages bother you then you are going to have a rough time with freepbx because there are many of these warnings that do not affect operation.

Mr. Nagy, thanks for answering. I have been used to running Asterisk alone without any GUI, and am not used to seeing error messages that I can’t resolve somehow, so I apprciate your comment about the “rough time” because it is sympathetic and understanding.

I don’t even know what acl is! Whatever it is came with the FreePBX Distro and was set up by the installer. The same thing goes for the other modules that are missing config files.

ACL is installed because there are some users that want to use it even though FreePBX does not. We don’t lock down FreePBX so tight that we push out the tinkering people. We want them as well. So that is why you will see the notices about missing configs and files and warnings. This is how FreePBX works and it does not imply a brokeness.

Please remember there is a difference between an “error” and a “warning”.

I understand the difference between an error and a warning. And I am one of the tinkering types, for sure.

Mr. Nagy, how do I clear the Error then?
[2014-10-07 17:17:39] ERROR[3441]: config_options.c:492 aco_process_config: Attempting to process uninitialized aco_info

And what is ACL? I have searched for it in google and in the FreeBPBX docs, from what I can deduce from various pages, it seems to be something to do with authenticating over the internet. I’m sorry to ask, but what is it, exactly?

ACL stands for Access Control List. You’re going to continue to get that error until you configure ACL of which FreePBX does not and I do not recommend you set it up either.

The error means “I can’t process the config options from the ACL config file” that is an error because the file doesn’t exist.

Looks like it’s an Asterisk bug that is “minor” because it does not affect operation. Meaning there is no way to remove the error.

Ha ha! No way to remove the error.

Mr. Nagy, thanks so much for your help. I accept your recommendations, and I won’t worry about that in the console anymore.

God bless you!