ACD/Queues: Priorities for dynamic agents

Because this is my first topic, i want first of all give a big thanks to all the freePbx developers! You’re doing a great job!

So, here’s my question.
I’d like to handle the following scenario. We have a queue for incomming ACD/Callcenter Calls.
In this queue there are no static agents defined.
Every agent is dynamic, because he must always log hisself on to the queue!

The problem is, that there are agents, with lower and agents with higher prioraty.
So when the agents with prio 1 are busy or not in the queue, the caller have to redirect to one of the prio 2 agents.

How can i handle these scenario with freePBX? The main problem is, that all the agents i define in the queue formular, are static agents!
But I have to pre-define all the dynamic agents!

Thanks and best regards
Christof Zahn

I assume you are referring to agent penalties. Until we start hearing confirmation that penalties are finally starting to work properly, there won’t be any motivation to add any features around the penalty option.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Yes, I’m referring to penalties! They are not stable in asterisk ??
Is there any Workaround for such constellation?
Maybe by using two queues. first for prio 1 and the second for prio 2 and then working with fail over destination !!