Accounts won't register

/i’m not sure if this is an Asterisk or FreePBX issue. I have FreePBX version running on a raspberry-pi. This system has been running flawlessly for several years. I have recently tried to add 2 phones to the system and cannot get the accounts to “register”. I had no problem adding phones during the initial setup several years ago. What has changed and how to I overcome this issue?

What if anything appears in the Asterisk log when the device attempts to register?

If nothing, what if anything appears in sngrep?

If nothing there, either, can you capture traffic at the device to confirm that it is sending requests to the correct address and port?

Stewart, thanks for the reply. I apologize, but you are dealing with a novice so I have no clue how to look at the log or sngrep. I have the FreePBX GUI running on my computer as well as having a monitor and keyboard connected and I am logged in to the Linux interface. More guidance would be appreciated, thanks.

You can view the Asterisk log at Reports->Asterisk Logfiles. Reboot the phone and see whether any errors appear.

If not, run sngrep, reboot the phone again and look for REGISTER requests and any replies.

You can test that both of the above are working by making a call from a functioning phone.

Stewart, this is what the Asterisk Logfile shows:’ - Failed to authenticate. This is abbreviated because the system will not let me post the full version.


Not much info there, but most likely it’s one of these:

  1. Make sure that the phone is registering to the correct port. By default, recent FreePBX has pjsip listening on port 5060 and chan_sip on port 5160, though you may have changed those. If you created a chan_sip extension but the phone is registering to the pjsip port, it obviously won’t authenticate.
  2. Make sure that the extension you created has the same number as the phone, typically called User ID or username. Some phones have an Auth ID or similar that must also be the same as the extension number.
  3. Make sure that the SIP password in the phone matches the Secret for your extension. Some phones can’t handle long passwords or certain special characters. Choose a password / Secret consisting of no more than 12 letters and digits. Copy and paste to be sure they are the same.

If you still have trouble, paste the relevant section of the Asterisk log (everything resulting from the registration attempt) at and post the link here. If you are too new to post links, just post the last eight hex characters of the URL. Also, post phone make/model.

The password was the issue. I set the password in the phone and the program and it registered immediately. What fooled me is that the password in the program was just a blur until I hovered over it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mark it up as pre-formatted text, using </>. You need to do this anyway, to avoid logs and configuration files being garbled.

(However the local preference is to upload to, then paste in the last component of the name, here.)

Thanks David

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