Account Settings Server Error

Getting the following error on my Sipstation module when i try to refresh asterisk account information.

“An error occurred trying to contact the server for account settings.”

This was setup and working flawlessly (for months) until i did one of three things,

#1 Upgrading Sipstaion module to 13.0.15
#2 Removed services (canceled lines) on one of the two sipstation accounts
#3 Reset my SIPStation SIP password (as per the request sent to my email)

Please let me know if there is anything else I can post to help you help me!

Thank you for your time!

There might be something wrong with your account, I’d suggest contacting support.

I have the same issue and opened a ticket with Sangoma. I worked with tech support (was surprised how quickly they responded, in about 15 mins) l. We confirmed that it is happened with PJSIP, which is what I’m using right now. I believe if you change it back to chan_sip, it will work.

I’ll update this thread when it is resolved.

I just checked this morning and it is working as of 9:35 AM CST for myself.

I will also state that I have two internet providers, and we did just fail back to our primary provider, which should match what we registered with SIPstation.

Thanks for the replies, my issue was with my SIP credentials. Our system attempted to register with an invalid key thus banning our IP. Customer support removed the flag and we are back up and running.

Just to add, in case anyone else finds this tread, in terms of having issues with SIPstation and getting error.

I’ve confirmed that if you have two internet providers, and your primary one fails, it will give an error. If you have your firewall configured, you can then have your trunk re-register using the secondary IP, and configure SIPstation to failover to your backup IP as well. The key is making sure your Asterisk SIP settings External IP is set correctly.

So in short, if you get an Account Settings Server Error, it could be you failed over to your secondary IP.

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