Account Code

I have a FreePBX up and running in my enviroment with a Digitro box.

In Digitro we start to use Account Code, where the user dial a combination, to enable him call cell phone or to another country. If the user dont use the combination, he can only dial to local numbers

# -> Then he will receive the Tone
-> Dial the Number

I search the web, I found many extensions that do that, but not for FreePBX, anyone can help me?

Set a pin code on the route?

In QUEUES I have set a queue, I have select a Join Announcement (all the other selection are default).
When an new incoming call is happening, the one who calls listen to the message first and then he/she is redirected to the first free agent to answer the phone.
Is there any selection where if an agent is free, the incoming call is answered immediately and if no agent is available then the incoming call is hold (playing message)until the first agent frees??
Thank you your help

But i can use a password to every user of the company, for example if a user from the suply come in to my office i ask to use the phone, is he going to be able to do it and the PBX is going to recorde in the bill this call as made by him?