Accessing from WAN

I am using piaf 1.4 and Freepbx 2.6 with Orgasmatron V. Everything seems to work pretty good. I am having issues connecting SIP phones externally. I have edited the sip_nat.conf. My firewall is set all sip and rtp traffic. I have also tried this in dmz mode. Also I noticed that when I change these settings alot I either lose all outbound connectivity or inbound voice. Then have to start from scratch. Am i doing something wrong.

Thank you for any help.

Am i doing something wrong. - sorry couldn’t help myself.

when you created your SIP extensions, did you set NAT=yes? Are you changing things through FreePBX (apply configuration changes) or manually editing files. You should reload SIP through the Asterisk CLI> sip restart (or may be reload)

I put together a webpage that talks about slipping SIP past a firewall, it may help.