Accessing FreePBX - Cannot connect with IP Address

Hello, I am in the process of configuring AsteriskNow on my old laptop and i’ve watched a tutorial online:

I have just copied the settings he used (I’m not sure if they have to be specific) and I have not made any changes on my Sky Router. I cannot however access the laptop running the software from my other laptop using the IP Address on the same network and I am not sure what the next step is. I have temporarily disabled my firewall on the laptop I am attempting to access the software/server from. It tells me the IP Address when I log in to Centos but I cannot access it from the other laptop that is wirelessly connected to the router.
Please help :slight_smile:

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My commitment back to the wider community

I am striving to get on my feet with the new system although I am totally new to it, as a dyslexic person, I am well aware of a lot of the difficulties new administrators struggle with in technical programming and configuration work, for the time that is kindly given to me, anything I learn will be put together into a knowledge that I will use to help other new starters.

This is because I appreciate that, without the money to pay people, it can really bar new starters from getting the help they need. This is not to replace the services of people paid for their time, but rather, in the spirit of Open Source programs for those that cannot afford to pay and for those that want to achieve a solution customary to their needs.


FAO Newbies:

This issue is now resolved having:

typed from the command line on the Linux Box: iptables - save
iptables - stop

I also learned as a newbie the importance of updating all of the modules from within the FreePBX GUI (Graphics User Interface)(The one accessible by typing in the IP Address of your Linux box). Remember to change the default usernames and passwords from within the GUI. If you cannot connect to download the updates or the mirrors are unavailable, it’s likely your Gateway details are not correct. This was the case for me anyway.

As yet, I believe that simply running iptables save
iptables stop

is not a safe way to run your system once you start venturing outside of your network to have people contact you from other locations using the extension number you have allocated them. I’m still learning about this but I will be reading into Fail2ban and perhaps configuring these IP tables properly (if possible).

If i’ve got anything wrong please do correct me in a way understandably to total newbies like me :slight_smile: