Accessing a Custom-Extension from IVR

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie when it comes to this FreePBX setup or the whole PBX and IT world, so I do apologizes if I go off tangent or phrase something odd.

Here is my current setup:
FreePBX ver:
Asterisk Ver:
OS ver: CentOS 6.2
Kernel Ver: 2.6.32

I spent days on google trying to come up with a solution to my problem.

I have couple extensions that I setup as a [Custom-Extension] with the dial context [Local/@outbound_allroutes]. It works perfectly fine if I was in the office dialing to that extension since the CID matches with the way the SIP is setup.

Here is where it fails. If I try to dial from the outside to our IVR then dial one of the [Customer-Extensions], the call fails. I noticed when I SSH into the PBX-server, it takes the external CID and the trunks refuses the call.

Dear all,
my name is vat ping,i had set up FreePBX on centos 6.3, for my main goald is ,i need to setup FreePBX for provide the Welcome Message to all inbound call (testing in local for dailing as extention)to FreePBX with extention that i have set for dailing is 1001,example when extention 1002 or 1003 dail to 1001 they will direct to Welcome Message and then the system will ask caller to press 0 for sale…,i have tried to test much time but i cannot do, so if any one khnow about this please show the answer in advance,

thanks from vat ping,

Vat, you posted in someone else’s message. Create your own message. You also need to be clearer, your question is not clear.

Sorry can you help me ,i cannot found where can i post message on my site?,
can you tell me?
vat ping,

You can create a misc. destination that you can reference in your IVR.
Misc Destinations have no way of specifying a context. However, you can use this workaround:

Go to Misc Destinations, create a custom one with an extension:
Name: MyCustomApp
Dial: *778 (or whatever)
Then in your extensions_custom.conf, do this:
exten => *778,1,Goto(MySpecialContext,1,1)

exten => 1,1,Whatever()

Is this what you’re looking for or did I misunderstand.

I was hoping if it was possible to inject the CID to the external callers when he/she calls the extension from IVR. From there it uses the SIP trunk to call the cell.

This way we could avoid the whole Misc Destination, but I did attempt to use the Misc Destination and failed to go through.

Am I suppose to input my dialing context at the [exten => 1,1,Whatever()]?