Access Phone GUI

I have added a Cisco SPA504G to my FreePBX and would now like to logon the Phone GUI and look at some of the settings. When I go to the web page for the phone, it asks for a user name and password. I see in the FreePBX GUI under Setting - EndPoint Manager - Global Settings there is a Phone Admin and User Password. I am assuming this is the password I need to use, but I have tried several usernames combinations with these passwords and have not been able to log on. What am I doing wrong?

If you provisioned the phone using the Commercial Endpoint Manager than yes. I Believe it defaults to 222222 for the password. If not than it would probably be the default username and password for Cisco phones unless it was changed at some point. . Sorry not very familiar with Cisco.

Thank you greatly for the reply. This is my first attempt at VOIP and I am trying to figure all this out before I try this is production. Luckily I do have some time.
I did provision with the Commercial Endpoint Manager. I have tried 222222 as the password. I think my issue may be the username. The extension for the phone is 202 so I tried that as the username. I also tried Admin, I wonder if the username is case sensitive, I will try admin.
If you have any other suggestions please let me know,
Thanks again.

I just looked in the basefile edit and it should be:
user: admin
password: whatever is in the admin password field in global settings.

if that isn’t working try the default which is admin with blank password.

Thanks for the reply, but sill no luck. Is there an setting somewhere in FreePBX that I can turn off that blocks the Phone GUI?