Access issue after upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7 Freepbx


I’ve just carried out the update from a 2.6 Frepbx to 2.7 via the Upgrade tool.

However, after downloading and upgrading the Framework, I tried to commit the change via the green bar and now I can no longer login.

The upgrade seems to have corrupted or changed my admin password and I can no longer access the system.

Calls are working etc, just no web access to the Freepbx GUI.

Authtype is set to database.

Any got any ideas please?

Anyone got the HASH code for password? I could try and reset through webmin.

Thanks in advance.


FreePBX update bars are orange. I assume this is a trixbox?

Version 2.6 and 2.7 FreePBX are both End of Life.

Thanks Skyking…it is Freepbx and you are correct orange.

I was in the process of updating to the latest versions when this issue occurred.

Anyone any ideas on how to get back in to the GUI?

Change the authtype from database to none in amportal.conf, correct the admin password and then change the authentication back to database.

Use ‘amportal restart’ to reread the settings.

This only applies to FreePBX 2.8 and below.

Needed the help of the Shmooze guys to sort this one out as the install was not up to scratch.

Thanks to the support guys.