"Access Denied" when trying to toggle call recording on/off using *1 in Zulu

I’m receiving the “Access Denied” message when trying to toggle the call recording on/off using *1 in Zulu.

This issue is specific to Zulu, if the user is using the IP Phone at their desk this feature works as normal without any issues.

This is how the extension is setup in FreePBX

I’ve looked around for more info on this issue but I’m not seeing much out there, also I’ve been looking thru all the extension settings, Zulu settings, etc. but not having any luck.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Try to setup for test only Inbound route → Other Tab → Call Recording → YES

If works you can do and on Outbound Route same settings.

@shahin Thank you for the suggestion, I tried this but still had no luck. The users are still getting the “Access Denied” message when pressing *1 during the phone call when using Zulu. I tried this for both the incoming and outbound routes

One thing I did notice is when I press *1 on using my Zulu extension, it works fine. I hear 1 beep when it starts recording and 2 beeps when I stop the recording. Also when I check the CDR Reports I can see my recorded phone call in there and it is toggling the recording on/off as it should every time I press *1

This problem seems to be only happening to users that are part of a call queue,
My extension is not part of any call queues.

Maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere else specific to the actual call queue?

I would try to change the feature code from *1 to something else in admin -> feature codes to see if that does anything different. Recording might be conflicting with a different code.

Well… I feel dumb.
Anyways, changing the recording info from “Force” to “Yes” fixed the issue
Now all Zulu users can stop/start the call recording as normal


Thanks everyone, I should have tried this first!

Silly Question, You did not give us some information about your Zulu Module and Zulu Mobile.

  • Which Zulu Module your are using ?

fwconsole ma list | zulu

  • You can try to upgrade Zulu Module to EDGE version.

fwconsole ma --edge downloadintall zulu

  • Which Zulu Mobile App ?
    You can try to join for test Zulu Mobile BETA Program.

  • Did you tried to reproduce same case on Zulu Desktop ? ( just in case )

  • When you pressed *1 any activity on Asterisk CLI ?

Pls try to check this all steps.

Sorry I should have mentioned, the Zulu we are using is Zulu Softphone Desktop on Windows 10. (not Zulu Mobile)

  • Zulu Client Windows 10 Client: v3.5.2+215
  • Zulu Server:
  • PBX: v14.0.13.28

Also, I believe we are using the EDGE Zulu Module. I had a different issue with Zulu previously that was resolved by a tech at Sangoma.

When I asked the tech exactly what he changed to fix this issue, this was his reply.

“I just moved webrtc module to edge version Bill.
Zulu developers are advised about this so I think that’s gonna be fixed on newer releases.”

Sorry I’m not very familiar with Asterisk CLI so I’m not sure how to check on that

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