Acces to recordings


I would like to create users to access to the “Recordings” tap in Freepbx.

This users are supervisors that need to listen some calls for quality issues, but I can’t find how I can give to them only access to recordings, in order that them can search and listen recorded calls.

Could you please help me?

Can you explain a little more. Do you want supervisors to have access to all call recordings or just those from a specific group of extensions?

By the moment to all of them.

There is this guy:

Hi thank your for the answer, but I’m looking to create users than can access to “recordings” tab in freepbx.

The weird is that I can no find the “user manager” module, I can’t create normal users to access to freepbx I only can create admins

Access to call monitor… They need listen some recorded calls, and I want to give access to them only to he call monitor, only to can search and listen the recorded calls, and by the way the only solution that I found is made to them admin users, and these solution is very very dangerous…

By other side, the video is interesting, and something to think about, but I will continue the same problem, I can’t give access to these users to the “recording” tab

FreePBX is meant to be an Admin interface used by admins.

In FreePBX 12 a “user” interface has been added.

You log in to the recordings interface with your voicemail credentials.

The UCP will probably do what you want BUT it is still BETA so shouldn’t be used in production. Unfortunately the UCP uses new 12+ Framework architecture that is not available in older versions of FreePBX.

The module above which is compatible will also do what you need and you can lock the “admin” down to that one page.

Hi jfinstrom

Thank your for your answer.

I found a way to exactly what I want to do, give access only to the recordings.

If I made this, logging with my voicemail credentials, the result will be access to my vociemail.

The solution that I found is change the user&password only for the recording tab. I only can manage one user, and all my supervisors will have the same user&pass, but from the /recordings web site you can’t do nothing, only see & listen the recorded calls.

The solution is edit the /etc/amportal.conf

**# This is the default admin name used to allow an administrator to login to ARI bypassing all security.
**# Change this to whatever you want, don’t forget to change the ARI_ADMIN_PASSWORD as well

This is the default admin password to allow an administrator to login to ARI bypassing all security.
**# Change this to a secure password.