Acces to asterisk-db by using MySQLWorkbench

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i want to check out the asterisk-database. I want to get access via the tool “MySQLWorkbench” - i think you know it.
So, where’s the point to begin with? How did i find out the standard asterisk db-user to get acces to the database? It’s definitely stored in a config-file, right?

Is there anything further to do, to set up or to write before getting acces to the database via the MySQLWorkbench? Getting acces to mysql via the CLI on the Asterisk-VM is really simple, just type “mysql” and i’am in, so my guess is, that the standard DB-user might be “root” and my password?

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The mysql user and credentials that FreePBX is using is in cat /etc/freepbx.conf. You can access mysql using this user at any time using

fwconsole mysql

The mysql accounts for root and the one used for FreePBX are locked to localhost, so you will need to create a new mysql user so you can connect from a remote host. Obviously there is much potential for damage here, so I would recommend you have a non production sandbox for playing.

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Thank’s a lot for your help!
Okay, so to login with “mysql” at the VM itself doesnt require a username or password to type in. I just type “mysql” at the CLI and i’m in. Its a sandbox to play with.

Okay, setting up a new mysql-account in the freepbx.conf as well, right?
How do i change the permissions for this user to get full access via a remote host? Via the CLI itself?

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I’ve found it in this thread, to create a user: How to enable remote connection to MariaDB

But did you know where the new created db-user is stored? In which config-file?

The connection works.

In MySQL/Mariadb itself , ( the mysql database.)

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Oh, alright. Got it. Thanks!
I thought it would be stored in some freepbx-config-file as well.

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