About XactView

Hi, I need information on XactView.

  • Can it help to see and manage microphones for conference participants?
  • Is it a commercial form connected to the purchase of iSymphony or can it be used freely on its own?
  • I tried to see how to activate it, but maybe it’s not in my pbx version. Can you add?
    My purpose is only to manage the on-off of the conference microphones, the switchboard does not have to do anything else, it’s very trivial. I think it is useless to use the fop2 which has too many useless things in this case.


It’s a standalone product.

If you have PBXact system, you can license XactView. Otherwise, you would use iSymphony.

You would probably be better served by Conference Pro module which allows user to control conference participants, mute/unmute, invite and kick using UCP.

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