About vulnerable to security

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I’m using FreePBX 15.
Dashboard said some warning like below.

endpoint (Cur v. 15.0.46) should be upgraded to v. 15.0.65 to fix security issues: SEC-2023-001
restapps (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. 15.0.41 to fix security issues: SEC-2023-001
pms (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. 15.0.3 to fix security issues: SEC-2022-001
sms (Cur v. 15.0.15) should be upgraded to v. 15.0.27 to fix security issues: SEC-2022-001

But for example endpoint is up to date on GUI.
How to update these ?

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What’s the output of the fwconsole ma list command for the modules in question?

What do you get when you run fwconsole ma upgradeall?

Thank you for reply.

$ fwconsole ma list | grep endpoint
| endpoint | 15.0.46 | Enabled | Commercial | Sangoma |

I didn’t run upgradeall yet.


Yea, seems like you might not have automatic updates turned on. Try upgradeall and see what that does.

I guess the more granular answer is, upgrade the modules individually but I don’t ever have a reason to not update all the modules to the latest so I always just run upgradeall.

You mean if I’ll run upgradeall from terminal, it can update to latest version?
Do you have any command like yum info for checking latest version with fwconsole?

Yea, upgradeall upgrades all the modules on your system to the latest online version.

fwconsole ma listonline

You can see all the available commands and available options if you simply type fwconsole ma.

Thank you for explanation.
Can I update specific package to online latest version using fwconsole not all?

fwconsole ma upgrade <name of module>

You can also look up the documentation for FreePBX fwconsole ma command right here:


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