About Ring Answer

Hi friends,

I have a problem in my server
I am using AGI_Asterisk_manager and i have a problem in my action.
I am calling my customers with “Ring Answer” header and when my customer open my call my phone is calling and customer waiting me.
But I tried it in my extensions its working but when i call outbound call its not working.
I am writing my options in my call action
my channel name is "SIP/4321/phone number"
my extension : "152"
my context : "default"
my Priority : 1
my additional header is “_SIPADDHEADER55=Alert-Info: Ring Answer”

i am using this options in php agi;

$asm->Originate(“SIP/4321/$tel”, “SIP/$ext”, “default”, “1”, “”, “”, “20000”, “$ext”, “_SIPADDHEADER55=Alert-Info: Ring Answer”, “”, true);

i am calling with this options and when i open this call its turning me only busy tone and closing.

and if i call with “transfer” context its calling and working nice but it has no cdr record i cant found this record in database.

how can i fix that ?

Thank you…

what is in your context : “default” ?

exten => _[*0-9].,1,Agi(agi://
exten => _[*0-9].,2,Hangup()
exten => asterisk,1,Goto(*123,1)
exten => asterisk,2,Hangup()

Are you using FreePBX?

I am using asterisk with my php framework. but i have a problem