Aastra XML / Endpoint Manager Questions


Sorry in advance if this is discussed elsewhere but I keep finding conflicting information, and I think some of it is due to age of the different posts.

We are running distro 2.210 just installed and the Commercial Endpoint Manager
We just moved into our new office, setup FreePBX on a new box and installed new phones Aastra 6753i and 6757i to replace our old SPA phones.

I have read many things about Aastra XML.

Here are my questions:

  1. What is the best way to install the XML scripts - I have read not to use endpoint manager if using XML then I have heard with the new Distros that they work good together.
  2. If they are included in the distro how do I use them?
  3. Our they as great as I hear they are?
  4. In Endpoint I see that the softkeys have an option for XML is that to direct it to an XML script, if so where are the installed or located at?

Thanks in advance for the help

Sorry for basic questions - Im new with aastra and xml - so what is the way to get just the features on to the box - just copy the scripts from another one or is there a way to install just the feature scripts

1 - They are just a package, you use yum to install them. Don’t recall the exact name, just yum list | grep -i aastra to find.

2 - See above, as far as using them, read the admin manual, it is still floating around on the net.

3 - That is subjective

4 - Yes, you can link to any URL that has a valid XML app

One item with the commercial EPM, you can’t use it to provision the phones and the XML scripts. The two are mutually exclusive.

So with commercial epm you cannot use the soft key option for the xml scripts?

If you install the aastra-xml package it’s going to enable auto provisioning and hot desking. Those are the features that are not compatible with the EPM. Certainly the “feature” scripts themselves are.

I would install the package then edit the Aastra.cfg and demo-user.prf files to eliminate the provisioning action scripts.

sigh…SkyKing making a mountain out of a mole hill again.

The short and simple answer is if you use XML scripts don’t used EPM and visa versa.

Well actually I am not. I know it is hard for mustardman to see through his prejudice of everything I do but you need to know the facts.

The OP wanted to use the scripts such as follow me, DND etc. The only element that is in conflict with the EPM is the auto provision feature. It’s on the roadmap to rip out the scripts so they can be stand alone. For now just eliminating the login/out xml action items will allow you to get access to the functionality.

After I loaded the scripts I get a congig error, cannot connect to the asterisk manager - the error appears if i select options for the xml features on the phone

config. - typing and not paying attention - get you every time


we have a few polycoms and a bunch of 6731 and 6739i. One of the key feature for us is hot desking…

we just pulled the plug on our old Trixbox CE on VM which have served us very well for years (we prefer VM because the VM farm allos of failover etc). I’m working on the replacement using PiaF/Freepbx. I think I’m going to add the EPM anyway to manage all the non-aastra devices.

I want to know if the aastra hot desking feature is on the roadmap for the EPM?

Thanks in advance,